CHIC Liquid Vinyl

Your exterior walls face a relentless battle against the elements. In order to provide the greatest protection for your building's exterior, The CHIC Liquid Vinyl System bonds proprietary high-strength polymers together. The result is unmatched beauty and durability, as well as superior strength and weather resistance. CHIC remains the industry leader in advanced polymer technology.

Low odor and environmentally friendly, the CHIC® Liquid Vinyl System is proven to outperform conventional paints and coatings, providing unprecedented long-term value. In order to incorporate only the best technology available, we use no PVAs, ceramic fillers or potentially harmful PVCs in our products.

CHIC Liquid Vinyl ® is not a paint, but is a high viscosity liquid resin applied coating system designed in Canada to provide long term protection for all types of stucco and masonry, as well as properly prepared metal and wood surfaces. Our proprietary blend of Polymer Resins provides extreme protection from the elements and unmatched durability - lasting far longer than conventional paint systems.

Proven on the walls of literally thousands of homes and commercial buildings since 1984, CHIC is available on Vancouver Island through Coastal Home Improvement Centre.